CLICK HERE, to end the Statute Of Limitations for Medical Murder in the USA.


Almost all "deaths" in USA hospitals are premeditated murder$,

and (in the case of organ "donation") are enabled via fabricated brain-death,

which involves terrorism of a fully conscious and viable "patient"

(who is unable to talk or move, due to bypassed vocal cords & forced hyperventilation).

and in W Pa, murder by "donation" is enabled by the piece of shit below

(who does not prosecute the medical terrorism, which his Burns White LLC defends).

Raise your hand America if you think it is a conflict of interest

to defend medical murderers, and to prosecute medical murderers,


No...Hickton's not listed as an Attorney with the white-collar-crime Law Firm

THAT DAVE CO-FOUNDED IN 1987 (and headed for 23 years), but do you really believe

that he prosecutes doctors that his Law Firm DEFENDS???!!!

Notice that the URL ( STILL contains the h for HICKTON...DUH?

See Yinz at the Game!

I am a Freemason, but apparently this was overlooked, as my legally common-law Wife

was terrorized 24/7, from 211-911 (2/01/2011-9/10/2011), while fully conscious

(but immobilized & gagged)...FOR THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY OF 911, 2001.

The September 11th part of the celebration comes on 9/11/2016

(when my Wife's sealed complete medical records will be "legally" destroyed, as per evidence).

Notice that, in KDKA's unsolicited obituary, no date for my Wife's death (murder) is given

(which was 9/10/2011, and not 9/25/2011, as the obit implies).

If September 11th 2016 comes and goes (with destruction of my Wife's incriminating records),

the ruling Elite will have owned the American Conscience, and the end of

the World as we know it will be near...

If it appears that the FED will have a Hillary-like President in the White House,

then all they need do is wait...If it appears that a Bernie Sanders-type has a shot,

then Martial Law will be declared until FED wipes half of you Zombies of the face of the Earth.

On 7/27/2012, Dr Juan P Uribe (formerly of AGH, now UPMC) told me that my Wife

(Rita Joanne Conley)

was at the wrong place (AGH ER) at the wrong time (2/01/2011).

Go ahead and ask him (if you live in Pittsburgh, Pa)...If you catch him off guard, he may actually

tell the truth, and comfirm my wife was terrorized for organs

(just like your relatives, since 1963).