If you live in Western Pennsylvania, and you've learned that your relative was murdered

via organ "donation" (after fabricated brain-death), then Federal Prosecutor David J Hickton

will seal the incriminating medical records, and give you a skeleton set of records

(with which you can not prove malpractice, let alone first degree terrorist hospital murder),

and AHN or UPMC can destroy ALL your (their) records after 5-7 years (in Pennsylvania).

Why does David seal records, when he is supposed to prosecute terrorism? Because the law

firm that he co-founded in 1987 defends the terrorist doctors that killed your (son, daughter...)

for $500,000 (the only risk being to give up 20K-100K, for "malpractice").

Dr Maria E Simbra is a NEUROLOGIST working for KDKA, who's never said a word about

organ donation (as to "brain-death") in 13+ years...A LITTLE CURIOUS?

The reason is that (since 1963) salable organs have never been cut from a brain-dead donor

(only from healthy "patients" with fabricated brain-death, and with no anesthesia).

In the same way that the FED's Media has convinced you that a country which is

19 trillion in debt is the World's most powerfuL...they've convinced you that

murder-by-donation originated in China...LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

The United States of America has been only a figment of the FED's and your imagination

since 23 December 1913...

PS: If you watch the veteran doctor's video at top, it does not matter if you are a donor...

Our Medical "professionals" (including your kindly old soft-spoken PCP)


At best, they are complicit in terrorism by their silence...something like you.