EVERY vital organ donation (since 1963) has been a terrorist murder, covered up by Media.


If you live in Western Pennsylvania, and finally learn that your relative was murdered

via organ "donation" (after fabricated brain-death), then Federal Prosecutor David J Hickton

(under Obama/FED) seals incriminating medical records, giving you a skeleton set of records

(with which you can not prove malpractice, let alone first degree terrorist hospital murder).

And THEN, Hospital will destroy sealed records within 3-7 years nationwide!

David J Hickton is Adolf Hitler, without a heart...which is where YOU come in.

Dawne S Hickton is Adolf Hitler, without balls...which is where YOU go out.

By the way, it's true that hospitals will fight like HELL, to keep DONORS alive...

Because doctors can NOT get salable organs from dead motherfuckers, so you'll live...

that is until they cut out your heart, which is replaced by artificial heart (until plug-pulling),

whereupon you are given a morphine overdose, to destroy unharvested organs (evidence).


I'm guessing that most Zombies figure "Who cares if the FED makes money off the organs"?

Well your 100% corrupt medical system gets paid big $ only from healthy "patient's" organs!"