ALL vital organ donations (since 1963) were murders of healthy "patients" (hidden by Media).


CLICK to end the 52-year holocaust of Americans, via organ "donation" from living donors.

ALL's been covered up by the FED's Major Media, in the interests of (FED's) national security.

ALL "donations" from the "dead" are cut from conscious living people (without anesthesia)!

It's all about FABRICATED BRAIN-DEATH, which I've been talking about since 211.

However, in harvesting from partial-birth abortions, there's no need to fabricate brain-death


Edward Howard McWhirter...Freemason and husband of FED's 911 victim Rita Joanne Conley.

"O Lord, my God! is there no help for the widow's son?"

Sign the petition to save your family's life...OR go fly a kite with HILLARY.

Imagine having your voice box removed and being strapped into a hospital bed, so that

all you can move is your eyes, your family told that you are brain-dead...Well this, in effect,

this is what happens to you when medical criminals decide to murder you by organ donation

(without anesthesia).

Instead of removing your voice box, they bypass it with a ventilator tube (then a trach cuff)

Instead of strapping you into bed, they hyperventilate you into cerebral hypoxia (motionlessness),

your entire hands strapped into huge fingerless gloves up to your elbows, just in case that

you do manage to move (and try to escape your indefinite hell on Earth...AGH of AHN).


The yearly CREMATION OF CARE ritual performed at the Bohemian Grove (California)

is nothing but an exemplification of the terrorist medical murders by the hundreds of thousands

every year behind closed hospital doors across the good old USA (for $500,000 a pop).

Note that these "donations" are not entered into the official donation tally!

Below is just a handful of the medical slime in Pittsburgh Pa, willing to perform these

Satanic Rituals (for cash), ordered by the FED and the FED.


THIS is why Federal Prosector has my Wife's medical records sealed (from 2/01/11 till 9/10/11)...