If you study these 4 videos, you can save your family from eventual hospital murder.

Few know about it, because you can't talk or move, per vocal cord bypass/cerebral hypoxia

(when you are being terrorized to death, by fraudulent "life-support", for money).

This is what your son or daughter was trying to tell you, looking into your eyes

(and/or moving their eyebrows to show you they aren't brain-dead).

If you recognize the above scenario, then SIGN THE PETITION (in their memory)...

or replay this scene in your head for eternity (as I will, along with the screams when she could).

Federal Prosecutors enable this terrorism (by not prosecuting it).


The above are hard-core organ-trafficking medical terrorists in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

................Acting Federal Prosecutor-2001MEDUSA2011-Acting Attorney General

Notice Allegheny General Hospital directly in the background on 211 2001 (per Twin Towers).

Notice also that video was filmed 2/11/01, but published 11/19/2012, on the 2 year aniversary

(of the FDA/FED's recall of Darvocet, causing Wife's new-onset cardiogenic pulmonary edema).

During the actual harvesting of your organs ($500,000), you are not given anesthesia

(anesthesia ruins harvested organs immediately upon removal from the living body).

Instead (to keep you from jumping and flailing around the operating table, during your torture),

doctors give you PARALYTICS, so that you keep your excruciating pain to yourself,

allowing them make $...Same thing applies to the pre-aborted baby, BEFORE Kid is slaughtered.

WHEN this all happens to you (and your kids), you'll remember this web page...

and when you do, you'll also realize that there is NOTHING you can do about it, because

(as I've just told you) you can not talk or move (solely because of the fraudulent life-support).