Above doctors are hard-core organ-trafficking medical terrorists in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Federal Prosecutors enable this terrorism, by sealing medical records until their destruction.


Federal Prosecutors OWN their districts, standing down ALL Law Enforcement and Media.

The FED works for the FED...Not for US...Just ask JFK, Bobby, Lincoln, King, Malcolm...!

It's not that Americans are cowards...They're just FUCKING STUPID!

Most of you will be murdered in a hospital (and you'll know, ahead of time)...But you won't be

able to talk or move, due to planted infections, drugs, anti-seizures, paralytics, or "life support"!

For 102 years, the FED has painstakingly maneuvered Americans into a position of acceptance...

In fact, that has always been the primary purpose of organized Religion...Just ask your Priest.

Butt you'll have to wait till he's done sucking your 4-year-old's dick (before he can answer).

Your right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness has always been a FED fraud.

19 trillion in debt, and FED's Media has you feeling you're on top of the World...LOL!?!

I know WHALE SHIT (with a higher IQ than Yinz Guys).

I get the same response from Americans as I'd have gotten from WWII Germans.

Gee...I wonder why? Does pathetic ring a bell?