At 62 years of age,

I am finally tired of

explaining the FED's IRS

genocide, via fabricated

brain-death (since 1963),

to an American public

that just doesn't

want to know...As a

result, the vast majoity

of you will have to

experience medical

murder, all by yourself,

for as long as it takes,

to get your organ$,

or to get a bigger profit

into your hospital bed.


click pic, and let's


SO, now that my

son has just turned 21,

the terror-perpetrating

FED (through Federal

Prosecutor David J

Hickton), and using

organized crime

(controlled via the RICO

ACT of 1970), are hot on

my A$$, to fabricate

my "suicide", to ensure

I don't get my wife's

FBI-sealed complete

medical records

(proving IRS medical

genocide), before they

are destroyed per

HIPAA and state law,

on 911 2016, 5 years

and one day after my

wife's murder by

"donation" on 9/10/11.

Getting medical records

of a patient after murder,

is a multi-step process,

so there is no reason for

Hickton to have me

killed, as long as I don't

take the first step of

going to Zappala's

Courthouse, to open an

Estate, per my deceaced

wife...Let's see how smart

David J Hickton is, whose

wife is Chairman of the

FED in Pittsburgh, Pa.