The FED (your owner)

has come a long way,

since the days of

building special camps

with barbed wire to keep

you from seeing what the

Josef Mengeles of the

World are up to now, per

the interests of the Bank-

sters and their organized


Since 1963, the AMA and

their ABA partners have

enabled criminal doctors

to work with the IRS and

the organized crime they

own to simulate


brain death in a very

healthy you,

allowing them to cut out

your very healthy organs,

for sale on the MOB's

very wealthy

black market...The 500K

goes to the MOB and

their associate

doctors, while the

Banksters get one less

non-tax-paying "useless

eater" to support...

To this end, your brain-

death is fabricatred by



resulting in cerbral

hypoxia, which in

turn is very carefully

monitored by anesthes-

iologists, so that you

remain fully awake (but

unable to move, speak,

or initially open your

eyes), because only

a fully awake healthy

"patient" will contribute

healthy salable organs,

as they depopulate you...

and once you are

transfered to a death

camp (such as the

Greenery in

Canonsburg), you will be

told they cannot give

your loved one Propofol

or pain meds...What they

don't tell you is that

anesthesia and

pain meds destroy

expensive organs

(per your death

or their removal),

once your family is

conned into donating

them for you...

Rothschild's FED

requires security

check, after visiting

this site...It's

right up ur alley!