Show me you
understand murder,
I'll show you
Unless this is U...


Do YOU know
WHO has
owned US since 1913,
especially 1963, and
FINALLY in 2016???

Believing I am just on
the side of good, is
wasting my time...You
need to know first
hand, what I am talking
about, and not be owned
by the criminal medical
industry, nor the
criminal justice system...
I'll set the alarm for
around the year 2050,
when the world
population will certainly
be below 500,000 (and
you and I will be
among them)...

There are 93 Federal
Prosecutors who answer
to the Federal Reserve
Elite (who answer to
nobody), via puppet
(and soon FED-whore
Hillary)...These Federal
Prosecutors protect the
secrets of the Federal
Reserve Elite (who own
the United States of

If you KNOW this to
be a fact, then GIVE
ME A RING (and contact
me also lol)...

But not so fast...
If you think Tyranny
is an action by a
Government, then you
flunk, cuz it is an
action of the FED Elite
(who own
all governments)
...Oh well, nice try...
sure you'll get over it.

A little confused?
Someday, you'll wake up
in a hospital bed,
wondering why you can
think and hear, but
can not speak or move,
as you fight to have
your lungs slow down
the rapid huge breaths
that your unneeded
life-support is forcing
upon you (causing your
extreme 24/7 panic
attack, per early stage
of cerebral hypoxia)...

At that instant, this
will all come together
for you, as you realize
that you are now a

living organ donor bank,
waiting for the call
for YOUR specific organs,
which may happen today
or twenty years from
and you know from the
chatter of your medical
professionals that you
will not receive
anesthesia or pain
meds for the harvesting,
just as you receive
nothing for pain as
they aspirate your lungs
6 times per day (your
face turning purple with
pain, as they force the
plastic tube down and
back out of your throat,
intentionally puncturing
your lungs during the
end game)...

You see, not only do
your doctors not GAF
about your pain (they
are murdering you
the main reason you get
nothing for pain is that
any anesthesia or pain
meds ruin your 500K
worth of organs
immediately upon their
removal from your
living body...So as
the perpetrating
mobsters (like
Stephen A Zappala Jr)
would say...

Respiratory Therapists
(trained at WCCC) will
play a key part in
your murder some day.