The first clue that
you may be about to
experience medical
murder, is when you
are intubated to a
ventilator in your
local Nazi Emergency
will keep your
mouth shut for the
duration (if you are).

The vent tube, then
later the trach cuff
both bypass your vocal
cords, while the
hyperventilates you
into cerebral hypoxia
but "brain-dead"!!!

I was born 11/02/1953,
exactly 33 years after
the banksters' first
radio broadcast, via
KDKA in Pittsburgh Pa.,
whose call letters
were issued the day
my Dad was born...
Dad and I are both
Freemasons, and 33 is
the death number, also
the highest degree in

This is why I
(and then my wife)
were targeted by Dick
Scaife (and his buddies
the Rockefelleres et al)
for the 10th anniversary
of their contrived 911
bullshit...My wife was
murdered by organ$
harvesting on 9/10/11...

Click the pic and notice
KDKA never mentions
the date of Rita Conley's

My Dad worked for
Westinghouse, in East
Pittsburgh, for 35 years.

Every year, the Fedsters'
KDKA proceeds to cover
up the truth of hospital
terrorism, by baffling
yinz with BULLSHIT!

Shoulda listened to JFK!

Maria E Simbra
was hired by KDKA
(in May of 2002),
for the express purpose
of covering up the
medical holocaust
(via fake coma),
in Pittsburgh Pa.

Click the view count,
to see who's hijacked
it, for the last 6 years
of its 9 year history...

George is
THE MAN, well
one of a handful...