The meeting of world
leaders on Jekyll Island
(in November 1910),
was not just to plan
the financial rape of
the world, but to plan
the genocide of same,
as the world's
population was
the first step in the
exponential doomsday
scenario, known only to
the world's ELITE...

wars were proving
not to be
enough to curtail the
coming exponential
extinction of the
human race, so enter

However, even with the
US popularization of
abortion, from 1916
till 1933, it was still
evident that abortion
was not enough
to save the world...

So enter World War II,
and the FED's Josef
Mengele, charged with
finding new methods
of medical genocide...

By 1963, the second
method of choice
"brain-death", enabled
mostly by the CIA's
drug culture, ARDS
being the perfect
excuse, to ventilate
(kidnap) your healthy
kids, for
organ$ and/or

But hey...
ANY excuse will do,
in this dumb-fuck
country of cunts!

Come 911, 2018,
the FED
will have proven to
itself that they can
not only
get away with
mass murder of
but also with mass
terrorism, hidden in
plain sight, right in
front of your very
ugly faces (as THE
sealed medical records,
proving the same,
will be destroyed
on that day)!

THAT is when
will hear laughter
from elitist balconies
(all over the Earth)!

So why are YOU
Because you rely on
an elitist-bought
and sold media, to be
your watchdog...

You are told every
night that all is well,
whilst they knowingly
cover up your
healthy family's
medical slaughter
(since 6/3/63...ask JFK,
you little faggot)!

When I found out that
Ben Carson was
running for President,
I was happy as can be,
thinking that I finally
had an ally (of note),
until the fake media
(and the elitist CIA)
got a hold of Ben,
telling him just WHO
was BOSS...