EVERY successful vital-organ "donation" (since 1963) has been a terrorist premeditated FED

murder (of a fully conscious vital human being, without anesthesia), after fabricated brain-death.


(for the last 102 years), starting with WWI and now with Terror-By-Donation.


My Wife's fraudulent complete medical records have been sealed by Federal Prosecutor

David J Hickton since 2/01/2011, and will be destroyed on 9/11/2016...Unless you STOP HIM!

Note that "patients" with fabricated brain-death are fraudulently put on life-support

(to bypass their vocal cords and to hyperventilate them into cerebral hypoxia so they can't move).

Some day you will all understand exactly what I'm talking about, but it will be too late...

You won't be able to talk or move (except for a full-body hiccup with each breath)

as you knowingly await the call for your specific organs, at which time the hospital

will cut out your organs (without anesthesia), then tell your family you have organ failure,

after which your "plug is pulled", and you are given a morphine overdose

(to destroy any unharvested organs, per evidence of bogus organ failure)...Then you're cremated.

You can either work with me and ENDZFED (sue them for their 52-year Holocaust of America),

ORRRRRRR...Endure another 52+ years of unspeakable horrors!

If I don't get my wife's complete medical records, then you may well never get another

61 year old ex-pre-med biochemistry major willing to fight the FED (against ALL odds)!

All of my arguments make perfect scientific sense (which is why FED-owned Media ignores me)!

Dr Maria E Simbra is a KDKA NEUROLOGIST...That's why she's never mentioned

organ "donation" (as to rampant fabrication of brain-death, since 1963)!