EVERY successful vital-organ "donation" (since 1963) has been a terrorist act of premeditated

murder (of a fully conscious vital human being, without anesthesia), after fabricated brain-death. Donation...The SCAM of your Life, since 1963!

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Here are just a few of the medical terrorists that yinz call "doctors".

They all work with the FED's "big boys", Dave Hickton being the biggest in W. Pennsylvania.

All successful vital organ transplants (since 1963) have been enabled by the terrorist murder of a

viable (if not healthy) "patient" with fabricated brain-death (actual death caused by "donation").

And every one of you is in a position to be NEXT, at your next ER visit...

Ain't that right, Dave?

Rub-a-dub-dub, four terrorists in a tub.

From 18 Jan 2011 till 23 May 2011, this Corbett-Stooge AG below did nothing to save

Rita from WPAHS medical terrorism for organs (via fabricated brain-death).

You've never heard of William H Ryan Jr, as he's just an ass-wipe for the criminal elite.


Rita Joanne Conley (11/13/1957 till 2/01/2011 till 9/10/2011)...

Notice no date of "death" (murder) in the Post Gazette (KDKA) obituary.

However KDKA goes out of its way to give you the date obituary was published (useless info)...

Although useless information is SOP for KDKA, in this case it further

proves Media's complicity in Pittsburgh's organ "donation" murder ring.

Just a couple of "irrelevant" side points...

KDKA's first broadcast of the FED's thought-control BS was 11/02/1920.

MY birthday was 11/02/1953, EXACTLY 33 years later.

I am a Freemason, as per you've heard of a 33-degree Freemason (somebody fucked up).

Rita Conley was my legal common-law Wife (grandfathered 12 years before 2005).

Freemasons are a part of the 24/7 terrorism that Rita endured from 2/01/11 till 9/10/11.

Three Rivers Stadium was demolished 2/11/2001...Twin Towers (as in 211) demolished 9/11/01.

All "coincidence", but you pray to the FED's invisible man in the sky, to keep you in line.

The FED's been in charge a lot longer than since Woodrow Wilson made it "legal" in 1913.

As Dr John P Uribe told me on 727 2012, "Rita was at the wrong place at the wrong time"...

As in Allegheny General Hospital, on 2/01/2011...Isn't that right Dr Hussaini?

Unknown to me, Syed R Hussaini dumped Rita (as a patient) on 2/01/11

(distancing himself from the decision to terrorize/murder Rita for organs, early that morning).

Rita's (and my) son's 1st day of 1st grade was 911 2001.

Notice that Allegheny General Hospital is directly in the background of 911-style implosion.

When 911 happened, there was celebration in every restroom at AGH, workers will tell you.

These are the World's only stand-alone kite/planes, requiring no tail (for true flight).

Notice Lippisch's and my wings were developed independently, from different directions.

Lippisch's Wing will fly as a tailless plane, but not a tailless kite.

Yea, I was a cab driver for 21 years, but was a pre-med biochemistry major at PITT ('71-'74),

before I chose not to live a life of crime.

Starting in 1975, the Hyppocratic Oath was changed to read that doctors were to obey the law

(which by that time, did not forbid premeditated terrorist murder, via fabricated brain-death).

Each day that you choose to ignore this, over 1000 healthy victims, in hospitals

across the USA, will be terrorized to death for organs (or just to save money).

How many people do YOU know who died via organ "donation", or to save money?

I know, you don't want to think about it, so the rest of your family will die the same way.