CLICK HERE, to end the Statute Of Limitations for Medical Murder in the USA.

OR CLICK HERE to HELP KDKA END THE FED (which has destroyed America since 1913).


Technically speaking, the FED is the "Federal" "Reserve", which (officially) started

raping Americans financially on 23 December, 2013, thanks to Woodrow Wilson...

However, since the FED controls everything the President and 93 Federal Prosecutors do,

we tend to call all personnel, of all things Federal, THE FED, who act only

on behalf of THE FED, not for The United States Of America (you)...Add to this,

the fact that since Dick Scaife (born into the FED per Andrew W Mellon, economic rapist)

and Dick's W Pa MOB buddies (thru sister Cordelia's long-time boyfriend Robert W Duggan)

had President Kennedy (who was eliminating both the FED and the MOB) assassinated

(with the help of Dick's good friend Herbert Hoover of the FBI),

the interests of American Citizens were eliminated by the resultant MOB blackmail

of THE FED (and its United Stated Government).

After 102 years, Americans have allowed themselves to be positioned in such a way as

to be fucked by the FED, like they've never been fucked by the FED (if that's possible, and it is).

BTW...The Allegheny County Bar Association has protected medical terrorism, since 1963.

Oronato and Lazzara were neighborhood friends, until Oronato split in December, 2014.