Above doctors are hard-core organ-trafficking medical terrorists in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Sign Petition to save your family from Dr Syed Rasheedullah Hussaini-Style medical terrorism.

Or text me how to force law suit by "Dr" Hussaini vs me (to get wife's sealed medical records).


Poetic Justice occurs when all of you ignoring this 52-year-old terrorism, will learn

the truth of what I say...and at that exact moment, you will be unable to do anything about it

(as vent tube or trach cuff prevents you from talking, and hyperventilation paralyzes you).

But if I can get Hussaini to sue me, then you won't have to worry about that.

If I do NOT, then you're dead meat waiting to happen (if it takes 30 years to "pull your plug")

Note that hospitals use not only "life-support" to kill you...Paralytics, Propofol, Anti-seizures,

Planted Systemic Infections, Non-Treatment of Fluid-In-the-Lungs, Morphine, etc, work also.

and as always, Americans..."AS YOU WERE"...