Sign this Petition, to stop the 52-year Medical Holocaust of America!

If you can't sign a simple preventive petition (to save your family), then WTF's up with that?

Note that the population stabilized with abortion, then decreased with organ "donation".

The Steel Industry's BEST year was 1969, so don't pull that FED/MEDIA bullshit.

China's organ harvesting problem began per Alan Magee Scaife's UPMC (and CIA), years ago.

The curriculum of public schools is determined by the very people perpetrating evil on America.

Thus the vast majority of Americans are intellectually brain-dead, watching their families die.


These "doctors" are hard-core organ-trafficking medical terrorists in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The "BIG BOYS" ditched the Steel Industry for the growing Terror Industry around 1973.

In 1975, the Hippocratic Oath was changed to allow medical murder (within the "Law").

And now (in 2015), America just can't wait to shove Hillary's Dick up its ass.

Since 1963, the ugliest and deadliest terror has been donation (from the healthy "brain-dead").