If your relative donated organs, then your viable (if not healthy) relative was tortured to death

(for as long as your relative was on "life-support", after fabricated brain-death diagnosis),

by your very own lovable PCP (working with your Hospital's criminal Chief Of Neurology, et al).

If Yinz had any brains, you'd ask a Neurologist if I speak the truth...DUH?!

But you're all scared to death of the very people who will torture you and your family to death

(in your favorite Healthcare Facility Nation-wide, for organ$ or to cut Insurance expenses).

GROW UP AMERICA...The FED's slaughtered, terrorized, and financially destroyed you,

since before Woodrow Wilson made it "legal" in 1913...ANYONE who's fucked with the FED

has received a FED/MOB bullet in the head, which beats the alternative.



Above "doctors" are hard-core organ-trafficking medical terrorists in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

So why aren't these medical slime in prison?

Because the two chief law enforcement officers in W Pa. are criminals...

Allegheny County D.A. Stephen A Zappala represents the Western Pennsylvania Mafia...

W. Pa. Federal Prosecutor David J Hickton represents the Federal Reserve...

So who represents YOU? That's right...NO ONE, since 1913.

The FED and the MOB killed JFK in 1963, and they have killed your Kin in hospitals ever since.

Note the Planned Parenthood abortion mill stabilized population within the city limits ~ 1930.

Then experimentation (per organ donation) stabilized population of the county in 1950...

This is why the population then dramatically decreased within the already-ravaged city limits.

Then (with the fabrication of brain-death for organs), the population of the county plummeted.

Sooner or later you'll all be forced to look into the mirror...Will anyone look back?

In any case...See yinz at the game...

where your family bends over one minute, then sings "America The Beautiful" the next!


If you have a story to tell, I am Le-Jit at 412-313-3080.

IRS taxation by organ donation (from healthy Americans, using no anesthesia) since 1963...


Dr Ben Carson is the only Presidential Candidate with first hand knowledge of


(Ben, a neurologist, can stop your certain eventual terrorist murder in a hospital, per $$$).

The originators of the "Federal" "Reserve" (and IRS) have terrorized and financially raped US,

worse and worse every single year since 23 December 1913, beginning with WWI in 1914.

The FED's made more money off the organs of THE 47% (and equal # of elite wannabes), than

through any of its CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY (Including Nazi Germany).

Note that the Post Gazette (KDKA)
goes out of its way not to mention the "day"

that Rita J Conley was murdered by AGH (2/01/11-9/10/11, via fabricated brain-death/donation).

Actual brain-death occurred on 9/10/2011 (via intentional morphine overdose, by Dr Zaiser),

meaning the final act of Dick Scaife's Terrorism will occur on 11 September 2016

(via the destruction of Rita's complete medical records, by Allegheny Health Network)!

Dick Scaife's terrorism? Yes, I can prove Dick was behind JFK, 911, and 911's 10th Anniversary