"DONATE LIFE" means DEATH BY DONATION (no anesthesia, after fabricated brain-death).

I AM LE-JIT AT 412-313-3080.

Why has Neurologist Dr Maria Simbra never talked about organ donation (after "brain-death")?

You can learn WHY (as to 1963) the easy way, or the hard way (when you can't speak or move)!


Listen very carefully to the conversation in the background,

& notice that Allegheny General Hospital is precisely in the center of the implosion (on 2/11/01).

You say you're into numerology? Here's a sneak-preview into a HUGE side-show...

Three Rivers stadium was blown up 2/11/2001...The Twin Towers were blown up 9/11/2001...322.

Wife's brain-death fabricated 2/01/2011..Murder was at Allegheny General Hospital 9/10/2011.

You'll notice that all coinciding dates have exactly the same numbers of the same numbers...

I can (and will) describe 100s of these factoids, which mean nothing

if you can't see the obvious intentional fraud shown in the linked medical records above.

So, if you can't comprehend, just ask any Chinese 6th grader to explain it to you...

The Chinese broke the story of murdering prisoners for organs

(after I broke the story, in 2011, of the fabricated brain-death used in this 52-year scam),

when in fact, this murder (genocide) concept started in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Scaife Hall).