"DONATE LIFE" means DEATH BY DONATION (no anesthesia, after fabricated brain-death).

I AM LE-JIT AT 412-313-3080...The FED's IRS makes more money off the 47%, than the 53%.

Why has Neurologist Dr Maria Simbra never talked about organ donation (after "brain-death")?

You can learn WHY (as to 1963), the easy way, or the hard way (when you can't speak or move)!

Above "doctors" are hard-core organ-trafficking medical terrorists in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

So why aren't these medical slime in prison?

Because the two chief law enforcement officers in W Pa. are criminals...

Allegheny County D.A. Stephen A Zappala represents the Western Pennsylvania Mafia...

W. Pa. Federal Prosecutor David J Hickton represents the Federal Reserve...

So who represents YOU? That's right...NO ONE, since 1913.

Sue me, Hussaini (and give me Rita's FED-sealed complete medical records from 211 till 911).

There is no nice way to say this (although Ben Carson gave it a go, in the top video)...

Virtually all Americans are cowards (just like the populace of Nazi Germany),

as we knowingly watch our families get medically slaughtered by the same FED.