"DONATE LIFE" means DEATH BY DONATION (no anesthesia, after fabricated brain-death).

I AM LE-JIT AT 412-313-3080...The FED's IRS makes more money off the 47%, than the 53%.

Why has Neurologist Dr Maria Simbra never talked about organ donation (after "brain-death")?

You can learn WHY (as to 1963), the easy way, or the hard way (when you can't speak or move)!

Above "doctors" are hard-core organ-trafficking medical terrorists in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

So why aren't these medical slime in prison?

Because the two chief law enforcement officers in W Pa. are criminals...

Allegheny County D.A. Stephen A Zappala represents the Western Pennsylvania Mafia...

W. Pa. Federal Prosecutor David J Hickton represents the Federal Reserve...

So who represents YOU? That's right...NO ONE, since 1913...Just ask JFK.

Zappala turned his back on fellow cop's kin from 2/01/11 till 9/10/11, for 10th anniversary of 911.

My name is not mentioned in Rita's obituary, & we were legally married common law in (1993).

Notice the date Rita was murdered by Allegheny General Hospital (9/10/2011) is not mentioned.

Dr Syed R Hussaini is a medical terrorist.

Sue me, Hussaini (and give me Rita's FED-sealed complete medical records from 211 till 911).

There is no nice way to say this (although Ben Carson gave it a go, in the top video)...

Virtually all Americans are cowards (just like the populace of Nazi Germany),

as we knowingly watch our families get medically slaughtered by the same FED.

JFK tried to tell you in 1963...I told you in 2011...Dr Byrne in 2013...Now Dr Ben Carson...

Go to your hospital's ER only as a LAST RESORT (especially with AFib/fluid in the lungs)!

So who am I? Well, all you need to know is that I'm NOT Hillary Clinton.

JFK messed with the FED by printing United States Notes, and by jailing the MOB

(which still helps the CIA carry out the FED's black-market organs sales operation worldwide).

Abraham Lincoln printed Greenbacks, thereby messing with the World's bankers (today's FED).

JFK messed with the FED, so he's DEAD, with a bullet in the HEAD...

Just ask the MOB's #1 nemesis Bobby Kennedy (as AG, then as Presidential hopeful),

who got HIS in 1968 (the year of the first organ-donor cards)...CPR endorsed in 1963.

CPR was endorsed by the American Heart Association ONLY to keep organs FRE$H for sale.

FABRICATED DRUG OVERDOSE, ANYONE? Well, it will come (if you have ANY history)...


If you have no history, Doctors will fabricate one for you, as your medical records will be sealed

UNTIL THEIR DESTRUCTION (within 3-7 years nationally, per HIPAA of 1996).