Organ "Donation"...SINCE 1963


Medical Murder has a Statute Of Limitations, per the destruction of evidence (via HIPAA)!


murdered by Allegheny General Hospital from 2/01/11 till 9/10/11.

As for Yinz Guys, "There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See".

and when it happens to YOU, you'll see, but not talk or move...

The fabrication of brain-death in a healthy "patient" (resulting in death by organ "donation")

is murder (of the terrorist kind), and since terror comes under the purview of the

Federal Prosecutor, then David J Hickton is guilty of terrorism (before and after the fact),

by sealing Rita's complete medical records (inter alia), both during and after her murder.

WHY?...Population control began with the FED, and David is in bed with the FED and the MOB.

Dick and Cordelia Scaife's great uncle Andrew W Mellon created the Great Depression, in order

to become immensely wealthier (while raping Americans financially)...Dick Scaife continued the

family tradition by hooking up with sister Cordelia's long time mob-connected boyfriend Robert

W Duggan (and financing his campaign for District Attorney in 1963), to protect his

UPMC FED-MOB organ$ black market murder operation, later protected by the

money-losing Tribune Review (which "inherited" much of Scaife's wealth, kids getting nothing).

Pope Francis excommunicated the Mafia, while Dick Scaife was on his death bed, knowing that

the entire murder-by donation racket was about to be entirely handed over to the MOB

(via blackmail of the FED and FED-brat Dick Scaife's kids, who got NO inheritance thereby).

Now when exactly did Americans lose all ability to think?

Dr Karl E Williams MD

Students at New Kensington's WCCC learn just enough to unwittingly torture you to death,

after your tracheostomy "procedure" (after neurologist fabricates your brain-death).

Dr James P Valeriano lives a literal stone's throw from Sicilian MOB Underboss, in Wexford Pa.

Dick Scaife's Tribune Review Publishing is 5 miles from the New Kensington MOB Boss,

even though Tribune Review was/is a Greensburg Rag (30 miles away).

Trib Total Media in Wexford is 7.8 miles from MOB Underboss, and most key AHN

murder-complicit doctors live within a couple-mile radius of same.

Several of the Zappala family live in Presto Pa with AHN CEO John W Paul, who lives on a

different hole of the same golf course as self-proclaimed Pittsburgh MOB Boss Vincent Isoldi.

Zappalas, Paul, and Isoldi live about 11 miles up 79 from the main illegal-organ-harvesting

center, commonly known as the Greenery Specialty Care Center (and Rehab) in Canonsburg Pa.

Federal Prosecutor Hickton lives near Presto, while D.A. Zappala lives near New Kensington.

Ex Highmark CEO Melani and AGH Director of Medical Records (Linda O Bridgens) live

in Cheswick Pa (directly across the river from New Kensington, its UPMC, and its WCCC).

KDKA's Neurologist Dr Maria Simbra lives across 79 from CEO Paul and Isoldi, as does

medical-murder Judge Katherine B Emery, whose relative Kristin Emery got a job as

Meteorologist with KDKA, 8 months after my wife's September 10th 2011 AGH murder

(Kristin submitted online resume 1 day after Katherine's fraudulent guardianship ruling).