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Murder makes dumb men dumber to...

The following would represent average Pittsburgher...

"I know what you're saying (half my family died at AGH),

but if I try to stop the New Kensington Mafia from

killing me at AHN, then THEY MIGHT KILL ME"...Duh?!?!

and forget KDKA...Ralph Iannotti protects

Bobby Iannelli's Black Market Organs Ring.

and Dr Maria Simbra was hired by KDKA,

as their Neurological Medical "Expert", specifically

to cover up HIGHMARK-WPAHS Neurological fraud, such as

Dr Valeriano's "brain-death" fabrications, allowing, for

example, Dr Mancini's fraudulent traching of healthy people

for Murder and Organ Theft.

Dr Valeriano lives 1 mile from Iannelli, Dr Mancini 2 miles,

Sheri getting HER $800,000 Wexford home 5 months after

her being THE ONLY WPAHS DOCTOR willing to trach

an already fraudulently vented HEALTHY 53 YEAR OLD

WOMAN (that even N.O.W. refused to help, per MOB FEAR).

How did I know it was a MOB operation, since 1/06/2013?

That's when 2 of David J Hickton's Federal Marshals

visited me, telling me I'm attracting attention from

MAFIA, and offering no aid, just advising me to stop

what I've been doing now for about 4 years...



The torture of Rita Joanne Conley, initiated by Hussaini

(right before he dumped Rita, as PCP, on 2/01/2011),

is so long and continuous and horrific, that almost 4

years later, I am just beginning to get the courage and

wherewithal to describe it to you in a manner you'll

understand...and then you will also understand why it is

that Rita's Case has been ENTIRELY sealed from the public,

not only in America, but World-wide, in the interests

of NATIONAL (World Banker) SECURITY.

You'll also understand why it is that 20,000 pages

are missing from the COMPLETE medical records that

I asked Allegheny Health Network for in August 2013,

and why Rita's Records were sealed from Rita's Family

by Corbett, Kelly, Hickton, and finally

DHS's Janet Napolitano on 6 September 2011, for which

Janet was fired EXACTLY 2 YEARS LATER.

Still NO lawyer will help me get records, and here's why...


So here we go folks...Hold onto your heart, or lose it,

like Kent Tekulve's living heart donor, 16 September 2014.


You go to AGH ER with pre-existing condition diagnosed

just 2 weeks earlier, at the same AGH ER, which proceeds

to totally ignore your correctly diagnosed condition

of Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema (fluid-in the-lungs),

in order to fabricate a diagnosis of brain-death, then used

to falsely ventilate you, removing your ability to speak,

and therefore defend yourself against the torture-for-organs

which you know lies ahead of you for up to decades on end.

When done, you'll ALL realize you are victims of

medical murder, and your fear of the MOB proves that


That's why Veterans have always had


Pick a medical scam...any scam below: