LE-JIT PATIENT ADVOCACY...text 412-313-3080

The Great Culling...Make Medical Murder a Crime.


Most of you wonder how the "German" Holocaust happened...

Tyranny and Holocaust originate from the Global Elite...

not from their puppet "countries".

Sign petition linked above, to stop hospital destruction

of medical records (evidence) after your "death".

Yes, all Americans' medical records are destroyed in 3-7 years

after "death" (in an era of unlimited memory capacity)...

H E L L O ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Your records are sealed in the name of "National Security"

(to cover up murder-for-organs, for example), then destroyed,

so your murderers get off SCOT FREE...Quite simple, like Yinz.

CHINSESE objected to their slaughter, for organs, with

their petitions that YOU DID sign...Americans haven't

objected since 1977, as we continue to take it up the ass.

John W Paul's Reign Of Terror began in 1977...

and continues to this day.

As Jerry Glanville would say...NFL!


For the last 38 years, what you thought was malpractice,


but you got your 10-20 Grand, so who GAF?

Not Yinz!

Pick a medical scam...any scam below: