which means I'M up A CRICK, cuz YINZER DICKS!

I am LE-JIT at 412-313-3080.

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Actually the worst-case scenario is for the wealthiest of people...

Even for the doctors who did my wife...Zaiser, Rana, Hoyt, Ward, Hussaini,

Valeriano, Mancini, Baser, Cattaneo,

Monah, Balaan, Singh, Herb, Bigdeli et al, who then blew HIGHMARK (MOB)'s cover...

I hope they all end up in the same nursing home, waiting for the call

for THEIR organs...after 20-30 years of big per diem to AHN (HIGHMARK)...

No intelligent doctor would have Highmark Insurance, so Highmark will milk

BIG-BOYS' insurance for as long as they can, before the $500,000 organ "donation" scam.

The truth is ALWAYS stranger than fiction... and much MUCH worse.

and speaking of dicks...

Here's another one up Highmark's ass for cash, right next to KDKA...

Otherwise, you'd have known of your family's future genocide 40 YEARS AGO!

Ask KDKA's Neurologist Dr. Maria Simbra to do a segment on

organ "donation" (after "brain-death")...LOL.

But don't hold your breath, or she'll fabricate your "death".

Some say the Government will watch me

But they can't stop me

I'm droppin' evil with the people as my posse

So what's the scam Zappala's Sicilian Mafia tortured my wife with, from 211 till 911,

using WPAHS' more than willing Al-Qaeda/Mob-terrorist "doctors" and associates???

Ever wonder why Pakistani doctor Syed R Hussaini's picture totally disappeared

from the Internet, and he hasn't been listed as a doctor with

WPAHS (now AHN) since Rita J Conley's 211-911 terrorist murder?

OF COURSE NOT...KDKA didn't tell you to wonder, did they?

Yinz have been living life's worst-case scenario for 40+ years,

and if you don't wake up soon, you won't be allowed to wake up!