Every year, hundreds of thousands of Healthy Americans are murdered

in USA's 5000 hospitals, for organ "donations" (big money on the black market), or to save $$$.

This occurs because EVERY STATE destroys your medical records (EVIDENCE)

within 3-7 years after your "death"... SIGN PETITION, TO SAVE YOUR RECORDS, LIFE!


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AGH Neurology Chair Dr James P. Valeriano Allegheny Health Network

...Key figure in Pittsburgh Sicilian Mafia murder for organs ($500,000 per set).

The actual first degree murder is committed by a neurologist's

fabricating a diagnosis of "brain-death" for the healthy patient.

Fresh salable organs come only from healthy living "patients",

so the terrorism comes into play by simulating coma in the healthy "patient",

through hyperventilation knockout, drugs, paralytics, anti-seizures, and planted infections,

while the "patient" knowingly awaits the call for their organs...

From the very beginning (when they are ventilated with tube down throat),

"patient" cannot speak (to warn their family), and if the family doesn't

give up in two weeks, then doctors perform a tracheostomy, bypassing vocal cords.

When the family finally caves in (after perhaps decades), the organs are cut out

without the use of anesthetics, followed by a morphine overdose

(which destroys any un-harvested organs, thus hiding the "organ failure" scam).

Above is only the tip of the iceberg, per what terrorized "patients" endure.

ZAPPALA IS THE OTHER KEY FIGURE, who obviously won't prosecute his own Mafia.

Dedicated to Pittsburghers...some of the stupidest (and most cowardly) mother fuckers alive.

Support Thomas Jefferson's Original War Against Tyranny...

“Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.”

Jefferson made this quote before 1913, when World Bankers/Mafia/FBI became your owners...


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PS: YINZ, at some point, will notice...IF IT'S THE TRUTH, IT AIN'T SLANDER!

DUH?!...or should I say D.A.?!

"Federal" Prosecutor David J. Hickton...owned by District Attorney Zappala in murder ring.

Note that when Rita J Conley's medical records are "legally" destroyed on 9/11/2016


you will see phony decorous righteous indignation against me by

the criminal court system, such as has never been seen before!

As Sophia Petrillo (Golden Girls) would say..."RIGHT IT DOWN"!

In 2002, Hillary talked about the imminent "Great Culling", the same year

that KDKA hired NEUROLOGIST Dr. Maria Simbra to front for expanded

murder-for-organs/depopulation-via-"brain-death" scam of the World's Criminal Elite!

...and YES, I can prove THAT also.