A well-respected Newspaper, THE HUFFINGTON POST, reported on 9/27/2012, that the

NEW YORK ORGAN DONOR NETWORK (affiliated with Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield)

fabricates brain death, in more than 1 of five deaths, to obtain organs for donation.

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Or take it up the ass, as Americans have always been trained to do (for "their"country).

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Don't take our word for it...ASK KDKA's Dr. Maria Simbra, a NEUROLOGIST,

who has said NOT ONE WORD about organ donation via fabricated brain death...

Rather curious, for a KDKA Neurologist in a GIANT medical city,

which TV station makes most of its money from Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield???

But since Zombies aren't living, maybe this isn't terrorist murder after all!

However, if you are NOT a church-media-scholastic-corporate-fraternal Zombie, then learn

that a healthy you, once trached and vented, will be at the complete mercy

of HIGHMARK-SHILL doctors (who will receive a kick-back from your sold organs).

And since you will be subdued with hyperventilation, and silenced by bypassed vocal cords,

ANYONE can do ANYTHING to you, in the interim, knowing you'll never be allowed to talk.

And you know the day is coming when your heart will be cut out without anesthetics,

because anesthetics (including Morphine) destroy harvested organs (plus you're "brain-dead").

This final bit of torture (+ removing 3/4 of the lungs) leaves you breathing in such a

full-blown pathetic manner,

that your family has no choice but to pull the plug on the "life-support" (that you never needed),

followed by Morphine overdose, destroying unharvested organs (to hide bogus organ failure).

THEN, after your murder, hospital retrieves the artificial heart your heart was replaced with,

after which you are cremated...Hospital and State ensure that you have NO money for burial,

through gross administrative fraud, knowing all your records will be sealed by

the District Attorney, Federal Prosecutor, Governor and his Attorney General, FBI, and DHS.