Sign the petition, and maybe you'll survive Highmark's Allegheny Health Network!

Otherwise you're facing horrors that no Nazi would entertain, and that's a fact...ASK KDKA!

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I blew the whistle to Dr Syed Rasheedullah Hussaini, in March 2012, demonstrating that

I knew HIGHMARK/WPAHS/HUSSAINI's entire terror murder-for-organs M.O. per my wife.

Criminal Dr Karl E Williams denied an autopsy, as he is a Zappala stooge for Highmark MOB,

& was appointed by HIGHMARK millionaire Daniel A Oronato (as County Executive, in 2006).

Respiratory Therapists (like those trained at MOB-Headquarters-New Kensington's WCCC)

unknowingly (later knowingly) subdue and silence fraudulently-trached victim patients

who are healthy (with $500,000 set of organs), but untreated for simple known condition.

Once HIGHMARK's Allegheny Health Network ventilates you (with big tube down your throat),

then trachs you (2 weeks later), there is nothing you can do to tell your family

that there is nothing wrong with you, and that you are not brain-dead, but that you

are being physically subdued with the ventilator's hyperventilation (cerebral hypoxia),

as you are being prevented from screaming for help, first by the vent tube (then the trach),

both of which bypass your vocal cords, as you endure many painful repetitive procedures

as a result of the tracheostomy you got (via Neurologist's known fabricated diagnosis).


THESE are the sort of people you'll face, IF YOU DO NOT sign my Petitions.

And after these people get a hold of you, you'll be begging for the FBI/MOB bullet in the head

that JFK got, for speaking out against your owners (FED/Global Elite and their Media/Mafias).

See yinz in the ER...But we won't be allowed to speak or move.

Today is Election Day, and I'm so proud of all of you for voting...

Now we can follow the lead of different FED/MEDIA-chosen candidates!