Establish that it is illegal to destroy any medical records

of any American, at any time, for any reason, without any exception.

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Allowing a State, person, or entity to destroy medical records

after a given length of time, effectively represents a Statute Of Limitations

for the ELITIST crime of Medical Murder, and, due to the many stall tactics

within the Judicial System and Major Media, effectively makes the crime of Medical Murder,

for organs (or per bad insurance, inter alia), absolutely legal.

When the Steel Industry left Pittsburgh Pennsylvania,

THIS trillion dollar organ "donaton" industry replaced it (and your friends went bye bye)!



The shit's gonna hit the fan in the USA before November 2016,

as the FED absolutely cannot take the chance of Rand Paul, Bernie Sanders,

or Jessie Ventura taking charge of America (throwing the FED out on its ears)!

And to you cops who think you'll come out smelling like a rose...The FED

didn't care about sending 100s of you into booby-trapped buildings on 911 2001,

and they don't give a fuck about you today or tomorrow...wait and see!

Just like FED didn't care about torturing a Pittsburgh Cop's Niece

to death for organs from 2/01/11 till 9/10/11, for the 911 10TH ANNIVERSARY...

Yes deceased Pittsburgh Police Officer Regis J Holleran was the close Uncle of my

healthy murdered wife Rita Joanne Holleran Conley, tortured 24/7 (for 222 straight days),

to induce plug-pulling (of unneeded life-support), organ "donation" (without anesthesia),

and morphine overdose (all of it enabled by intentionally fabricated diagnosis of brain death).


Coming to a theater near you before November 2016!

My Wife's is only a speck of Americans' blood on Obama's FED hands,