Establish that it is illegal to destroy any medical records

of any American, at any time, for any reason, without any exception.


Nationwide (since 1996), records are destroyed within 3-7 years after your "last discharge"!

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WHY WORK WITH ME (Wife's sealed medical records will be destroyed 9/11/2016)?

I am the only one with the background (& freedom) to prove that your completely healthy family

was terrorized and murdered for organs (and/or BIG cash), after a totally and intentionally

fabricated diagnosis of brain death, by your PCP doctor working with hospital lawyers (for cash).

Medically, Americans have been living the worst case scenario for a LONG time.

Because of 24/7 torture my Wife Rita endured at the hands of Dr Syed Rasheedullah Hussaini

and WPAHS Litigation Lawyer Deborah D Olszewski Esquire, from 2/01/11 till 9/10/11,

I am the only person on Earth willing to stop this terrorism, from the FED to your local cop.