Establish that it is illegal to destroy any medical records

of any American, at any time, for any reason, without any exception.


Nationwide, medical records are hospital-destroyed within 3-7 years after your "last discharge"!

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The key enabler of medical terrorism (by organ donation) in W Pa, is FED-owned HICKTON.

Yes the FED even owns Hickton's Wife, who's a director of the "Federal" Reserve of Cleveland.

The FED owns ALL the money...The USA is BROKE...The FED owns YOU!

And most Americans still live in Mr Rogers' Neighborhod (where it all began).

And not a word from KDKA Neurologist Dr Maria E Simbra,

regarding organ donation (nor the fabricated brain-death used to scam our families),

since she was hired in May 2002 (to cover up this elitist mass murder for ORGAN$).

Robert W Duggan (with Scaife money) became D.A. of Allegheny County in 1963,

the year of the first medical murder via organ donation (after fabricated brain-death),

the year JFK was assassinated by the FED's secret societies.

The first annual meeting of the Bilderberg Club (secret society) was 1954,

the year of the first successful non-fatal organ transplant (from a living donor, per one kidney).

Yinz are afraid to look at this boundless Pennsylvania corruption, even though

you've been living medicine's worst nightmare since 1963, every subsequent year worse!

Just because we assume the position, does not mean our owners care about us!