Establish that it be illegal to destroy any medical records

of any American, at any time, for any reason, without exception.


Nationwide, medical records are hospital-destroyed within 3-7 years after your "last discharge".

131*********************************** *********************************** *********************************** *********************************** *********************************** *********************************** *************************************

Through their Media, Government Officials, & Organized Crime, the FED controls your every

thought, word, deed, and death...Unfortunately, you have to experience this, to understand.

During/after your murder via fabricated brain-death, Federal Prosecutor seals medical records.

At this point, you can do nothing, as "life-support" prevents you from talking/moving/writing.


Think Yinz are safe from this medical terrorism?

Rita Joanne Holleran Conley's Uncle was a Pittsburgh Cop...Officer Regis J Holleran.

US Atty David J Hickton stood down ALL law enforcement in Western Pennsylvania...

Hickton allowed a cop's niece to be tortured to death, for organs, from 2/01/11 till 9/10/2011.

So what makes you think David (and friends) won't do you and your family, if he hasn't already?


USA Genocide of Poor (by organ$ donation) has been on "ramming speed" since May 2002.

The initial plot to kill Western Pennsylvanians (for cash) by organ donation was conceived in


by Pittsburgh's Dick Scaife, who funded Robert W Duggan (with his W Pa MOB connections)

to be elected Allegheny County District Attorney (to protect his murder-for-organ$ gig).

Then, when Dick Thornburgh was coming down on Duggan for tax evasion in 1974,

Cordelia Scaife married Duggan so that she wouldn't have to testify (against her brother)

at the upcoming trial...However when Scaife got wind that Duggan threatened to

blow the whistle on Scaife's terror-for-organs, Dick Scaife had Robert silenced permanently.


Just ask ORONATO!

CORBETT was AG at beginning of murder................AG at end of murder was KELLY.

I blew the whistle to ACMS, per the ongoing medical murder of my wife, on 9/06/2011.

1963 was the first successful murder (via fabricated brain-death) and organ transplant.

And Pennsylvania's Arlen Specter was Johnny-on-the-spot to cover for JFK's murderers.

Anyway...Here's a quick synopsis of your future terrorist murder for organ$...

You'll present to the Emergency Room with an easily treatable condition, which they don't treat.

You "take a turn for the worse", after you are put on unneeded (hyperventilative) "life-support".

Hyperventilation causes cerebral hypoxia, even though your body's O2 sat. is 99%.

You are fully conscious, even though the cerebral hypoxia prevents you from moving,

and the ventilator tube (then the tracheostomy cuff) prevents you from talking.

Your body has too much O2 (while your brain has too little), causing hiccups with each breath.

These incessant hiccups simulate "myoclonic jerking", to simulate anoxic encephalopathy.

This "myoclonic jerking", along with a low EEG voltage (due to forced cerebral hypoxia),

are eventually used to convince your family that you are brain-dead, after which

your organs are cut out without anesthesia, and then your family is told that you

have "organ failure"...So they pull the plug, give you a morphine overdose to destroy

any unharvested organs, and you die...Then they remove the artificial heart that

they replaced your cut-out heart with...The whole process could take 40 years,

if your family is stubborn...The State has made sure that family is broke (so you're cremated).

As one prominent Priest in Bellevue Pa told me, "Our hands our tied".

Well mine are not, YET!

And with you fine upstanding gutless American Lemmings behind me, how could I fail?

With the cummulative I.Q. of the US rapidly approaching that of a stone, THE FED

figures it can terrorize Americans indefinitely, for TRILLIONS PER YEAR...NOT!