Establish that it be illegal to destroy any medical records of any American,

at any time, for any reason, without exception...or endure your WORST NIGHTMARE!

Destruction of MEDICAL RECORDS = Destruction of EVIDENCE.

Nationwide, medical records are hospital-destroyed within 3-7 years after your "last discharge".

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End FABRICATED BRAIN-DEATH (FED Genocide of The Poor, since 1963)!

ALL good organs are cut from healthy "donors" (no anesthesia), via fabricated brain-death.

Unless Americans intervene, we are tortured to death for organ$, or insurance company saving$.


Jeanice...I think it is important to understand that the intentional murder

of healthy "patients" for organs began in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (1963),

through the relationship of Richard Mellon Scaife with the FED and the

Western Pennsylvania Mafia, per Andrew Mellon (grandfather) and

Allegheny County District Attorney Robert W Duggan (sister's husband) respectively...

Pittsburgh has been the Capital Of Medical Murder for organs (big money) ever since

(presently covered up by Federal Prosecutor David J Hickton

and District Attorney Stephen A Zappala Jr)...

The ground was broken for UPMC's Mecical Buiding (Scaife Hall) in 1954,

the year of the first successful living-donor organ transplant by a Dr Humes...

The first successful organ transplant from a "brain-dead" "donor" was 1963,

the same year Kennedy was assassinated, then autopsied by a different Dr Humes,

whose relationship with Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter formulated the single-bullet theory,

to hide the involvement of Scaife, the FBI, and the MOB in Kennedy's murder.

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania...FIRST IN FRIGHT!

YINZ BEND FOR PIRATES, who help AHN steal your organs...

I love Kent Tekulve as much as anyone, but he is alive via the murder of one of Yinz.

I am absolutely certain that TEKE didn't understand Pittsburgh's Medical Terrorism...

I am equally certain that Neil would sell your daughter's heart (and soul) for a candy bar.