The only way to stop USA's medical murder of healthy "patients" for organs, is to click HERE.

JFK ended the FED on 4 June, 1963, was all-in against organized crime...That's why he's dead.

Medical Murder for trillion$ (by organ "donation", after fabricated brain-death) began in 1963.

The FED used Scaife's ties to the Mob and Medicine, to off JFK and start the murder biz.

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Pa Senator Arlen Specter was Johnny-on-the-spot (with his single-bullet BS)

to cover for the FED, their organized criminals, and Pittsburgh's Dick Scaife

(after Oswald took a silencing bullet from mobster Jack Ruby)...FUKDKA.

BTW...If you donated someone's organs, you killed 'em...Organ$ only taken from the healthy.

These are the facts...Do something now from your home...You won't from your internment camp.

But you say "Hey Ed, I'm the SILENT MAJORITY, not a "Dissident"

(so I won't be in an Internment Camp with Yinz Guys)"...Oh yes you will,

the same one as the rest of us, as we await the call for our organs...YOUR OWN BODY!

Finally, yes Dr Hussaini IS a terrorist...The worst there's ever been.