I need a Lawyer to sue US Atty. David J Hickton for sealed Complete Medical Records

of WPAHS-murdered Rita Joanne Conley (2/01/2011-9/10/2011)...and huge damages per FED.

The first non-corrupt, courageous, and competent Lawyer to sign the Petition gets the case.

Maybe you have cancer, and don't care about getting JFKed by Zappala (Scaife is dead).

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Participants (in future class-action) must have signed this petition, per murder of your relative.

Nationwide, your relative's records were destroyed 3-7 years after "death" (so you're S.O.L.).

I obviously need a Lawyer to get my Wife's records, which have been sealed by Hickton

since 2/01/11, the day that Dr Syed R Hussaini decided to have Rita murdered for the 911 10TH.