Donation...The scam of your Life!

Insomuch as Federal Prosecutors are charged with prosecuting terrorists within their districts,

US Atty. David J Hickton must be prosecuted for the enabling of extreme hospital terror, both as

Federal Prosecutor, and as a founder of white-collar-crime law firm Burns, White, and Hickton.

The movement is already on to end the FED...End your own hospital murder FIRST!

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All organ "donations" since 1963 (resulting in the death of the "donor"),

have been terrorist acts by the FED and their organized crime (initially per Scaife and Duggan),

of the most ghastly nature imaginable, where the "patient" (with fabricated brain-death)

is fully conscious (but physically subdued with hyperventilation and cerebral hypoxia),

as they are tortured indefinitely until the guardian gives up, whereupon organs are cut

from the viable "patient" (without anesthesia) right before the plug-pulling, followed by the

standard "morphine overdose" to destroy any unharvested organs

(as per evidence of fabricated "organ failure", as opposed to "failure" per harvested organs).

There has never ever been a successful organ transplant from a dead "patient"...That's the scam!

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Bullshit can make you feel good, but the truth will set you free from the FED (and its Media).

Notice not a word from KDKA Neurologist Dr Simbra, per "brain-death" and organ "donation".

Dr Maria Simbra has made no statement of her own, per brain-death and organ donation...

Maria quotes only a non-doctor, as Simbra has been only a shill for the FED since May 2002.

You can choose to ignore Dr Byrne and me, but the day will come when the truth

will be common knowledge, and most of you will have aided in your own family member's

prolonged, indefinite, extreme terrorist murder...and your condescending smiles will disappear.


Maria Simbra: "Whatever News Managers Want, Viewers Getó

As Medical Reporters Are Pressed to Feed the Media Beast,

Reporters are surpassing doctors as a source of medical information."

And Dr Simbra has been no exception for over 13 years now!