Donation...The last scam of your Life!

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity,

and I'm not sure about the former". -Albert Einstein

"Half of what Americans know and believe to be true is bullshit...

And the other half is bullshit". -Edward H McWhirter

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Notice how Pittsburgh Post Gazette (KDKA) works with Federal Prosecutor David J Hickton

(by not including date of Rita Conley's "death", which was 9/10/11, as in 911 10th anniversary).

Now back in the day, when human thought was a possibility, one might ask why Rita's

obituary could be the only one in recorded history, not giving the date that the person died!

Speaking of scams, HIPAA (of 1996) made it legal (and mandatory) for hospitals to destroy

your medical records within 3-7 years Nationally (after your last discharge)...The reason, to hide

your murder by organ "donation"...We have unlimited storage memory capacity today...DUH?!

Soooo you say, "That means I have 3-7 years to get loved-one's records, before destruction"?!

Well no you don't, as FED-owned "Federal" Prosecutor seals incriminating medical records,

from date of decision to murder you for organs, till the date of the completed murder (9/10/11).

Due to the Federal Reserve's 102-year, well-crafted 19 TRILLION in USA debt,

the FED can fabricate the Ultimate Depression ANY TIME IT WANTS TO...

ALL Government checks stop, rioting, Martial Law, food only in Internment Camps...BYE!